Our approach

GRI 103-2

Ensuring the occupational health and safety, preserving the life and health of employees and contractors, and protecting the environment are the absolute priorities EVRAZ has set for itself. The Company continually improves its HSE management system, reviews and updates the existing mechanisms on a regular basis and develops new innovative solutions to ensure a safe working environment at EVRAZ. To keep introducing innovative ideas and solutions into the HSE management system development, EVRAZ regularly monitors best international practices and current trends, which help to continually identify new ways for development and improvement within the Company.

Most of the Group’s enterprises are certified as compliant with the requirements of the OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management and ISO 14001 environmental management standards. The Company is currently aligning the occupational health and safety management system for relevant facilities to certify them under the ISO 45001-2018 standard as the validity period of OHSAS 18001 gradually expires.

GRI 403–1, 403–3, 403–4, 403–8

The Group recognises that the engagement of senior executives in the HSE management process is a crucial element in the plan to enhance the effectiveness and improve the functionality of its HSE management systems. HSE issues are considered at every corporate level, including our line and senior management. In 2021, EVRAZ established two governing bodies within its organisational structure to bolster our HSE management systems and foster a safety culture.

In December 2021, the Board of Directors established a specialised Sustainability Committee. It plays a key role in managing HSE issues at the Board level and is responsible for setting the Company’s strategy in this area.

In August 2021, EVRAZ established the Sustainability Management Committee at the executive level. The Group’s Corporate Strategy and Performance Management Vice President chairs the Committee, and the CEO and heads of business units regularly attend its meetings. The Committee’s tasks include driving improvements in the safety culture by setting and revising relevant goals and approving annual KPIs for line managers. At the level of the Group’s enterprises, local HSE departments supervise HSE issues.

EVRAZ actively engages with industry associations on matters related to occupational health and industrial safety, such as the World Steel Association’s Safety and Health Committee, as well as the HSE committees of Russian Steel (a Russia-based non-commercial partnership) and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. We evaluate and formulate proposals on various legislative initiatives and work to develop a common position among the associations’ members.