Public-environmental events

EVRAZ employees participate in activities to address environmental issues included planting of trees and shrubs. More than 700 seedlings are planted annually, some trees and shrubs are preserved from open-pit mining sites as part of the “Second Life for Trees” campaign.

EVRAZ also participated in the following events:

  • EVRAZ supported the international “Earth Hour” initiative.
  • The “Green City” project was implemented to draw green spaces on an interactive map.
  • An agile team at EVRAZ ZSMK developed effective measures to reduce the negative impact on the wastewater disposal system of the plant and the Vodokanal network.
  • EVRAZ environmentalists also perform educational activities, organize environmental lessons in schools.
Case study
Launching the Geoecology Centre and the Digital Competence Centre
EVRAZ earmarked over US$596,000 for setting up the Geoecology Centre and the Digital Competence Centre at the Siberian State Industrial University in Novokuznetsk. In 2021, the centres accepted their first students. The setting up of the Geoecology Centre allows students to develop new skills in the field of ecology, and a corresponding mindset. The centre includes laboratories to test the environmental condition of water and air basins, recycling technologies, as well as a laboratory to carry out chemical research.

EVRAZ planted 757,000 trees in 2021 as part of its strategy, 99% of those were contributed by KGOK, which restored almost 250 hectares of forest in the Sverdlovsk region. As a result, around 750,000 conifers were planted.

Case study
300 LINDENS IN HONOR OF THE 300TH anniversary of Kuzbass
The first 150 linden trees were planted in Novokuznetsk’s Zavodskoy District. Young trees have taken root and transformed the area into a nice alley. Another 70 linden trees were planted along Zaporozhskaya Street’s bypass route. The trees create a natural green buffer zone between the road and the residential area. Lindens produce a dense crown and are excellent at absorbing and filtering dust. Each season, an adult tree absorbs approximately 20 kg of dust. EVRAZ ZSMK invested more than one million rubles in the planting and maintenance of 300 lime plants. The city’s greening will continue next year.
Case study
Greening of the Meshchersky Park by EVRAZ
Trees were planted at Meshchersky Park under the the initiative of EVRAZ. From the side of the Skolkovo Highway, forty saplings of bird cherry and cherry trees graced the park. In addition to making the park look better, the trees added to the park’s unused area strengthened the soil, making it more resistant to landslides.

Environmental conferences and forums

  • International forum “Clean Country”, during which EVRAZ outlined ambitious plans for the development of environmental projects at its core entities – EVRAZ NTMK and EVRAZ ZSMK.
  • At the “Green Living Room” annual environmental forum, the Company`s strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions was presented.
  • “Points of Growth” session on the topic “Green Steel”.
  • III International Forum "Ecology of Mining, Metallurgy, and Oil Production – 2021" covered the visits to various debate platforms and trips to the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant.
  • IV Siberian Ecological Forum as well as a round table discussion on the Federal Clean Air Project's execution. EVRAZ ZSMK received two letters of appreciation under the forum.

ESG media coverage

  • EVRAZ has enhanced the newsflow and the media coverage of its ESG activities and programmes addressing both global and local agenda.
  • A bi-weekly ESG communications workshop has been organised, headed by VPs for corporate communications and HSE.
  • The Company’s new environmental strategy – 2030 is thoroughly pitched with leading media.
  • EVRAZ collaborated with Forbes Russia to create a vivid online project “Industry of the Future” on the Company’s sustainable development.
  • EVRAZ’s news from SPIEF 2021, the main international investment forum in Russia, were focused on the low-carbon agenda, “green” steel development and environment-friendly technologies.
  • Federal and local authorities visited the Company’s sites to witness progress in the EVRAZ’s environmental activity.