Company profile

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EVRAZ is a global steel and mining company and the leading producer of infrastructure steel products with low-cost production along the value chain. The Group operates in different locations: Russia, the USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, and the Czech Republic. The products of EVRAZ are supplied to over 70 countries worldwide. EVRAZ is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Corporate profile

The Group name



Aleksey Ivanov

Office in the UK

2 Portman Street, London, England

Business segment

Steel, mining and vanadium business

Other major offices (Russia)

4 Belovezhskaya St, Block B, Moscow, Russia

Other major offices (USA)

71 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60606

Year of establishment


Who we are

GRI 102–6

Leading industry positions:

  • A vertically integrated global steelmaker
  • One of the lowest-cost global steel producers
  • The market leader in construction steel products
  • The leading global supplier of rails
  • The global leader in the production of vanadium
  • The largest coking coal producer in Russia
  • Geographically diversified business

Financially sustainable Group:

  • Consolidated revenue amounted to US$14,159 million
  • Consolidated EBITDA reached US$5,015 million

Sound employment:

  • 71,591 people have stable employment
  • EVRAZ’s pay rates are up to three times higher than those in the regions of presence
  • 766 Number of employees who completed corporate management programmes in 2021: TOP-300 (101 employees), TOP-1000 (477 employees), TOP-3000 (188 employees).  employees took part in corporate management development programmes
  • Over 44.404 Out of the total headcount of the Group.  employees were covered by the Target remuneration system

Clean environment:

  • Water consumption amounted to 196.2 million m3
  • Total amount of air pollutant emissions from steel production decreased by 2.9%
  • The Group recycled or reused 105% of non-mining waste and by-products
  • Total energy consumption was 350.8 million GJ

Health and safety at a workspace:

  • 100% of EVRAZ employees are covered by the Health and Safety management system
  • The major metallurgical enterprises of the Group are certified under ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001
  • LTIFR stood at 1.21x The values of the indicator have been recalculated to include contractors and are different from those presented in the Annual report 2020 and the Sustainability report 2020. The data is presented excluding fatalities. , which was 10% lower than in 2020
  • Six fatalities among employees
  • Two fatalities among contractors
  • 100% employees completed Risk Management Project trainingManagers and production personnel at enterprises.

Where we operate

GRI 102-4, 102-7
EVRAZ operates in five countries: Russia, the USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic.The map only presents the Group’s key enterprises. For this reason, the sum of the numbers below doesn’t match the total number of the Group’s employees at the end of the year.

  Steel segment

  Coal segment

  Steel, North America segment

Number of employees

What we produce

GRI 102–7

We supply our products to over 70 countries worldwide and maintain our leading positions by keeping up the highest standards of product quality and client satisfaction. Our production is very broad and is used in various industries, including construction, rail infrastructure and others. All our supplied products comply with cutting-edge world practices and are certified according to all international requirements. Certificates of our products are available on the EVRAZ official website.

We are committed to increasing the value of our products for all the stakeholders by continuous improvement of product quality.

Main and ancillary products
GRI 102-2
Construction products Construction products EVRAZ produces steel that is used to construct residential homes, office buildings, stadiums, bridges, and other infrastructure facilities.
Railway products Railway products Our product line is used in the production of almost every element of rail infrastructure (including rails, parts for carriages, and railway wheels).
Tubular products Tubular products EVRAZ is a leading supplier of large diameter line pipes for oil and natural gas transportation and is the only supplier of LD pipes that are produced entirely in Canada. We are also a leading producer of small diameter line pipes used in construction, energy exploration, and production.
Industrial products Industrial products EVRAZ is a major player in the industrial market. Our products are used in most industries, such as mining, machine building, and the hardware industry.
Vanadium products Vanadium products EVRAZ is the only full-cycle producer of vanadium in the world, and it offers a complete range of vanadium products. The Group produces around 20 high-purity, performance-based vanadium chemicals and provides an extensive line of vanadium alloys that can double the strength of mild steel.
Raw materials Raw materials For main metallurgical production, EVRAZ also extracts raw materials such as iron ore, coking coal, and limestone. A significant share of the Group’s internal iron ore and coking coal consumption is covered by our own mining operations.

By implementing the latest technologies and different ways of communication, we are determined to improve not only the quality of our products but also the process of interaction with our valued clients. We have developed mobile applications available for various groups of stakeholders and purposes.

For our employees, we have introduced a special application that enables immediate access to the information and HR services they need. Another application for clients and partners contains information on EVRAZ events. If interested, stakeholders can also download EVRAZ Wheels and EVRAZ VR applications, developed to provide virtual reality tours through our production facilities.