Stakeholder engagement

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The Group fully understands the significance of all stakeholder engagement and therefore makes considerable efforts to address all related concerns and expectations thoroughly. This approach helps to build strong, long-lasting relationships. The most important criteria for consideration are the inclusion of all stakeholders, open communication and encouraged feedback. There are various channels of communication, which are constantly being improved. However, having open communication and information transparency as the foundation of the relationship with all stakeholders, the Group strives to provide a unified source of information, which will eventually optimise communications, by developing the Group’s communications strategy.

Stakeholders’ communication channels

Being one of the best employers in its regions of operation, the Group is constantly improving its personnel management practices to ensure best-in-class working conditions.

For more information about employee engagement see Our People section.

Internal communication channels

  • Corporate TV and newspaper
  • An internal portal and a mobile app for employees
  • EVRAZ Corporate Hotline
  • Annual staff engagement surveys
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Group-wide events
Shareholders and investors Shareholders’ best interests are the focus of EVRAZ’s attention. The Group works to build an experienced management team and implements corporate governance best practices.

External communication channels

  • The media
  • Social media
  • Our official website
  • EVRAZ Corporate Hotline
  • Annual reports
  • Face-to-face communications with external stakeholders
Customers Prioritisation of value-added products, better shipping terms, and a client-orientated business model generate value for the clients of EVRAZ around the world.
Suppliers and contractors By ensuring that all tenders are fully transparent, EVRAZ demonstrates the value of relationships with business partners.
Local communities EVRAZ strives to promote prosperity in its regions of operation and puts significant efforts into creating healthier and more stable local communities by supporting social and economic development programmes.
Government and regulatory authorities EVRAZ is one of Russia’s largest taxpayers and employers. The Group plays a valuable role for the country by providing construction and railway products for infrastructure.
Media The Group proactively engages with the media to enhance the quality and transparency of information about the Group.
Industry organisations EVRAZ supports several industry organisations through joint initiatives and proactively participates in conferences and forums.