Performance dashboard


Being one of the world’s leading steel producers, EVRAZ devotes considerable effort to aligning its operational activity with the core principles of sustainable development based on the relevant international standards and documents. We strive to continually enhance our environmental performance to allow us to mitigate adverse environmental implications of our day-to-day activities and generate sustainable returns for the Group’s shareholders while also making a lasting positive impact on our stakeholders and society as a whole.

The key figures of the Group’s performance in 2021 that reflect our overall performance and efforts invested into a more sustainable future are given below.

Key Figures 2021

Consolidated revenue
US$ million
Consolidated EBITDA
US$ million
US$ million
Crude steel output
Coking coal concentrate output
Iron ore products output
Non-mining waste recycling or reuse rate
Environmental commitments
US$ million
Steel cast GHG intensity rate
tCO2e per tonne
Key air emissions
Major environmental incidents
Water consumption
million m3
Reduction of total air emissions from steel production
LTIFR The values of the indicator have been recalculated to include contractors and are different from those given in the Annual report 2020 and the Sustainability report 2020. The data is presented excluding fatalities.
per 1 million hours
Fatalities among contractors
Earmarked for social and social infrastructure maintenance expense
US$ million
Employees who took part in corporate management development programmes Includes only employees who started and completed programmes in 2021. Corporate management development programmes include TOP-300 (101 employees), TOP-1000 (477 employees), TOP-3000 (188 employees).
Employee headcount at the end of the year
Employees covered by the Target remuneration system Out of the total headcount of the Group.
Employees received Risk Management project training The Risk Management project training is conducted only to managers and production staff.